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Tyga And Kylie Jenner Relationship Is Really Making Wave


Their relationship have been trending for some time now and I don’t think it well stop any them soon. As for Kylie Jenner, she can now be open about her relationship with Tyga who’s 25 and has a child; especially now that she’s 18, but I think it’s a lovable thing that they’ve been together for a while now and Momager Kris Jenner is said to be supportive of the relationship.

She couldn’t really say much now even if she wants to since Kylie is an adult now. Kris actually supports their relationship big time and she thinks Tyga is the next hip hop genius of this generation and wants to do anything she can to help him succeed according to a source.

Sources say that Kylie and Tyga are crazy about each other. Kylie is equally as obsessed with Tyga as he is with her.” They do seem to genuinely care about each other, don’t they? Kylie herself has referenced the change in attitudes now that she’s 18 and here was what she had to say, “it just makes no sense that, even a month ago, people were complaining that I was too young to be doing certain things, and now people are just okay with it because I’m grown. The reality is that I don’t even want to be 18. I wish I could be 17 for the rest of my life … I just want to be young and enjoy it, but this lifestyle absolutely made me grow up faster. For me, age is just a number.”