Just as the president of the Nigeria is planning to increase the electricity tariff by 40 per cent, the Movement for Nigeria’s Total Transformation has appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to stop it because of the negative impact it will cause the people.

The new tariff is expected to come into operation in November 2015, but MNTT said that the rise would worsen the hardship on Nigerians.
In a release signed by the Chairman and Coordinator of MNTT, Chief Areoye Oyebola, in Ibadan on Monday, the group said it was unimaginable that in a country where the minimum wage of N18,000 per month had not been implemented by many state governments, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission and owners of the new electricity companies could contemplate tariff increase.

Oyebola said, “It is in an unfortunate country called Nigeria that the latest callous statement made by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission that tariff will increase by 40 per cent in November can be made without the masses turning the country upside down.