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Ellen DeGeneres Still Preoccupied With Forged Butts


What can disclose Ellen DeGeneres‘ dedication to prosthetic butts? Only two weeks after the moderator broadcast a bland representation that utilized a youthful dark young lady as a part of cushioning to criticize Nicki Minaj’s much-discussed backside, DeGeneres displayed another Halloween ensemble that gives the same treatment to the Kardashian tribe.

Wearing running shoes, a long dark wig, and a zebra-print top chop down to her waist, DeGeneres acted like the terrible Kardashian sister who got cut out of the family’s world appear. “My name is Karla Kardashian—with a K, ‘reason we’re known for our twofold Ks,” DeGeneres said. She indicated her tremendous fake bosoms. “These are twofold Ks as well, coincidentally.” She went ahead to squirm an intensely expanded butt and joke that she’d marked a support manage Funyun.