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Ita Giwa – My Husband was not a womanizer


The Former presidential Adviser on National Assembly Matters, Senator Florence Ita-Giwa, has blamed the claims made by Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG), Mr. Christopher Omeben (rtd), that her late husband, Dele Giwa, was a womanizer.

Ita-Giwa, who praised the ideals of the late originator of Newswatch, asked why the octogenarian would talk sick of a dead man who he once asserted he never knew or caught wind of in his past meetings.

She noticed that Dele was vocation driven and too pre-possessed with his calling to womanize and that in light of the fact that he loved family values, he chose to remarry as opposed to playing the field or womanize as wrongly asserted by Omeben.

The blunt congressperson likewise emphasized that from the time she isolated from Dele Giwa when they possessed a home given to him as official living arrangement by the Concord Newspaper, she never knew where he moved to until after he was killed neither did she know the area of Newswatch in light of the fact that she had proceeded onward.

She demanded that the partition was friendly and was a result of the way that them two were aggressive and vocation driven people and couldn’t proceed with the relationship.

The previous congressperson reviewed that she was in Calabar when her mom called to break the pitiful news and she needed to go down to Lagos, she got the name of the doctor’s facility, she was diverted to the LUTH funeral home where she met the late Gani Fawehinmi who advised her ‘Madam, they have murdered your spouse’. He later taught the funeral home specialist to open his body saying a wife is dependably, a wife, and Dele’s wife arrives.

She reviewed clearly that she and his ex-American wife, Billy’s mom, wife at that time, a couple of other relatives and his associates like Ray Ekpu, Soyinka, late Sani Macabu, were at the graveside till late night and in this manner went to the town to sympathize with the boss before withdrawing.

Ita-Giwa noticed that around then on account of the condition of apprehension and tension, a few villains did a letter of ‘danger to her life’ and requested payment which she promptly continued to Alagbon to cabin protestation and made explanation and that it was amid the procedure that they got some information about her late spouse. It is critical to revise the impression as was affirmed in a late daily paper production that she was welcomed, she focused on that she was never welcomed.

She reviewed additionally that she was to travel, and on getting to the airplane terminal she was ceased, subsequently, she called the man responsible for the case and the officer called the air terminal that she ought to be permitted to leave on the grounds that she was not an issue.