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Three Essential Questions to Consider Before You Say “I DO”


Wedding days are usually very happy and celebrated days in people life and the most important keyword for that day is “I DO” which signifies a harmony to leave your parents and stick to your new partner and that agreement is supposed to be compulsory for as long as you both are breathing.
Every one alive especially women loves to be loved and one way they can be very much assured of your love is when you are ready and willing to take them down the aisle, sometimes some might accept to marry for the wrong reason and end up regretting their decision and in most cases it leads to separation or even a divorce. There are certain things you need to check out before you go ahead to say I do. Please check out three out of the numerous questions you might want to consider first before saying yes “I DO”

1. How Well Do You Communicate With Each Other?
Communication is a vital ingredient in a good relationship, a relationship that lacks good and effective communication will definitely suffer from so much misunderstanding. Before you agree to marry anyone, make sure that both of you have good communication. Then ask yourself, when there is a misunderstanding how do you resolve it? Sex should never be used to settle misunderstanding and you must make sure you do not settle your misunderstanding with money. Lines of communication must always be open, try to find out if your partner is good in communication because it’s very important to the health of a relationship.

2. How well Are You Physically Attracted to Each Other?
Although Physical attraction really is not the main criteria to marry someone but the truth is, you need to be physically attracted to someone, the rule is make sure that physical attraction is there, but don’t get swept away by it. In conclusion, before you say I DO, you need to make sure that you won’t have any reason to later say I DO NOT. The wedding day is a day of celebration and a sweet day, but the marriage is sweeter when there is continuity.

3. What are The Main Beliefs of This Person?
Prior to you make a lasting agreement to anyone, you need to know his or her main beliefs, this beliefs will never change to time everyone has some kind of core value that is central to their personality and when push comes to shove, that value is going to be the most important thing in the world to that person. When you find that someone’s core values does not exactly rhyme with what you want or would be able to cope with for the rest of your life you do not have to go into the relationship or make a lasting commitment with the hope that this person will change with time because he or she will never change.