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Fire Service officials Arrested for allegedly Abusing Police officer


Four authorities of the Federal Fire Service have been captured by the Police in Festac Town, Lagos, for purportedly abusing a Chief Superintendent of Police on mufti after he supposedly declined to clear a path for the guard of one of their yet-to-be distinguished senior officers at the ever-occupied Mile 2 zone of Lagos.

The event which happened, Wednesday, occurred around 2 pm at second Rainbow transport stop.

According to report: the cop who was responsible for Festac division, was stuck in the movement gridlock around second Rainbow zone of Mile 2 when the siren-blasting caravan of the flame administration men needed to make path for their supervisor.

Eyewitnesses said as soon as the police officer’s private car failed to give way for the convoy, stern-looking officials of the fire service alighted from their vehicle and tried to clear the way.

Their endeavors to compel the cop’s car out of the gridlock purportedly fizzled and they turned to constrain, an activity that made the officer to stand up to them.

It was accumulated that as the quarrel between the cop and Fire Service authorities exacerbated, the rankled fire men jumped on the cop and beat him up.

He was professedly harmed while his materials were torn.

Reports said as the situation was getting out of hand, the fire service boss alerted Lagos State Commissioner of Police and he was advised to contact Festac Divison, which he promptly did only to be informed, after the arrival of policemen at the scene, that their victim was a serving police officer.