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How to know the right agent to sell your property


Are you are looking forward to buy or sell property around, opt for an agent with credentials in place. But how do you know which way to go and how to recognize the right agent to help you sell your property. This article explains how to go about that.

For many, it’s once-in-a-lifetime decision. Before getting into a real estate deal, it’s vital to zero in on a good agent; someone who is experienced, understands your requirements, has a thorough knowledge of the market and conducts himself in an ethical way.

The National Housing Bank (NHB) has been trying to bring all brokers under one umbrella for some time now. In Pune, Estate Agents’ Association of Pune (EAAP) ensures that all registered agents builders developers consolidate their knowledge about the industry. So, if you are looking to buy or sell in the city, ensure your agent is a part of EAAP.

Govind Bhagchandani, president, EAAP, says, “There is transparency within the association. Our agents specialise in buying, selling and leasing of various types of real estate such as flats, offices, shops, bungalows, buildings, plots, land, farm houses, god owns, restaurants, hotels and houses. Users will benefit if their agent who is working on the brokerage is a member of EAAP. It brings credibility to agents and if users have trouble in their dealings, they can always reach us.”

Now that you know what makes a good realty agent, let’s get on with how you can find a good one. Follow the pointers below.

Well-versed with the market: This is the key to a good bargain. Your agent needs to know all the rules and regulations in the city and state as well besides the latest property developments. A licensed agent brings credibility to the table. The trick to identify a good agent is when you list out your needs and he, in turn, is able to give you recommendations galore. A good agent is always in touch with developers, builders and owners, therefore, giving suggestions should be easy.

Conversant with realty terms: For a first time buy er, legal terms could be intimidating. This is where good real estate agents step in. So even if you are unaware of the realty terms and their significance, you have an agent to guide you through it.

Meenakshi Gursahaney, an HR professional at an IT conglomerate, says, “When we were buying a house in Pune, we faced some problems in the beginning. The first agent we hired was a local one and seemed confident. We almost invested in a property, which did not have all clearances. Thankfully, one of my colleagues guided me in time.

We immediately changed our agent, who was able to steer us through terms like NOC (No Objection Certificate), Commencement Certificate etc”

Proficient in legal and financial matters: Hire someone who understands and helps you understand encumbrances, carpet and super area, building and development permits. He should guide you through the legality of the property, whether you can avail home loans, additional costs in the form of municipal charges and transaction costs. He also needs to have a working knowledge of the basic structural sufficiency norms for the area of operations.

Ask for references: The easiest way to be assured of picking the right agent is asking for references. A good agent will always have clients who are willing to give a reference. Take some time out and call the references to know their reason behind choosing this particular agent; what could the agent have done better while making a transaction; or ask for advice on things you should watch out for. This might be a time consuming task, but definitely worth the effort.

Opt for real estate agents with rock-solid reputation. Keep researching on the do’s and don’ts at your end as well. Don’t shy away while dictating your needs and terms. Before approaching them, you need to be clear of what you are looking at. Once you have penned them down, don’t stop till you get something which fits the bill.