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Maxi Igwe Ifeanyi has warned that the mistake some Igbo leaders made fifty years ago which led to the civil war should be avoided at all costs

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The Igbo for Nigeria Movement has powerfully frowned against the sit-at-home order on could thirty by some teams agitative for the rebirth of Biafra.
INM, whereas describing the arrange as a journey to self-destruction warned Ndi’ Igbo, particularly those clamoring for the come of the defunct Biafra Republic to consider its consequences and embrace on Nigeria.
A statement by the statesman of the cluster, maxi Igwe Ifeanyi warned that the error some Nigerian leaders created fifty years agone that crystal rectifier to the warfare ought to be avoided in any respect.
Ifeanyi same the war inflicted serious injury on Nigeria that has refused to heal.
According to him, the divisions persist not as a result of efforts weren’t created at reconciliation however as a result of there area unit people who frequently decide at previous wounds, preventing healing, so they need the excuse to brainwash the younger generations that weren’t witnesses to the horrors of the 3 and 0.5 years beginning 1967.

He said, “Our folks, Ndi Igbo, embittered by the obtrusive inequalities within the running of the country, particularly the mindless slaughter of Igbos with the passive and active endorsement of the govt. of that point precipitated the choice by our folks to part from Nigeria and pursue our future break away a bunch of individuals that had treated America below the belt.

“Let America quickly indicate here that we have a tendency to area unit by no suggests that implying that each one is well in terms of business enterprise political theory. Like alternative ethnic nationalities and geo-political zones, we have a tendency to need bigger self-determination; we are going to wish to move at AN economic pace that’s a lot of in step with our exceptional enterprising spirit.
“Like others, we would like the freedom to regulate the resources created in our motherland and deploy same to develop our states at a pace that’s in step with our aspirations. These area unit goals that we’ve got diligently pursued through non-violent suggests that and intellectual agitation.

“Unfortunately, these efforts are greatly undermined by the militant activities of the autochthonous folks of Biafra (IPOB), Biafra Independence Movement (BIM), Movement for the creating by mental acts of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) and alternative configurations.
“But for the matured response of the centralized, the resistance posture and activities of those teams had vulnerable contemporary conflagrations that directly undermine the soundness of Nigeria,” he added.

The cluster leader, therefore, urged Ndigbo everywhere the country to travel regarding their business and not hear any sit-at-home order by any cluster of persons.
“Igbos should acknowledge the imperative of not exposing our flanks to the opposite ethnic nationalities whose own folks will take advantage on the closure of Nigerian businesses to require over our patronage after we open the approach for folks to feel pissed off.
“The nice Ikemba World Health Organization was chargeable for the primary arousal, World Health Organization crystal rectifier the war And World Health Organization lived all his life as an advocate of Biafra later participated in elections in |Federal Republic of Nigeria| and wished to become President of a United Nigeria.