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About Informatories

informatories is an incredible thought made on 16th of October 2015 and re-bundled in March 2017 into an information sharing website.

informatories.com is an extraordinary minds concept owned and operated by Akeem Momoh (akdrealman@gmail.com). It is an information sharing website which gives out information about current event that are happening in Nigeria like, celebrity gossip, sports, articles of how to solve various issues in different areas of life.

informatories.com covers series of information about the all the latest happening in the entertainment industry, from celebrity news, movie reviews, sports , other news, lifestyles as well as articles that would without any doubt be very helpful in our everyday life.

In addition to all these unlimited and exciting online content, informatories.com also has an abundant, talented contributors and causal writers.
We appreciate your understanding but at the same time we hope that you understand our position sometime as it requires a great work to bring you the most precise, likeable up to date information at all time.
We have made sure that our team comprises of decent, upright and respectable, people to serve you constantly.

You are welcome on-board to go along with us and make this site a huge one.