What Are You Looking For In A Relationship? 3 Exciting Ways To Know

What Are You Looking For In A Relationship? We all want a relationship that makes us feel loved, and that is so rewarding. The kind of love we are looking for when we look for someone to spend our time with. But what else does all the crazy stuff in life mean? How does it relate to finding your soulmate? Let’s get into it.

  • What is It Like To Be Someone Who Is Crazy About You?

When you’re being silly around me, I love it. When my ears can’t pick up on anything or anyone who isn’t making an effort, even if they are, there is something about that person whose soul makes them think they’ve got a big crush on you.

Perhaps you’re always the sweetest soul. And perhaps you’re shy about speaking about your feelings even though you really want to say them out loud.

Either way, when I’m talking to you and make you laugh because you’re not making sense, then I know you like me.


The thing is, I don’t know too much about you because we haven’t met yet, but you’re definitely interested in me.

Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but I can tell you that I love hearing you smile because it means everything to me. It gives me a bit of hope and faith in myself that you’ll be good to me.

  • What Do You Feel About Someone With Anxiety?

There are many reasons why people get anxious, but one reason is that they are worried about their own thoughts instead of worrying about you.

People who have anxiety also worry about how well their thoughts will come across to others.

They worry about how their words will sound and how their words will come off. This doesn’t necessarily have to do with you, though; sometimes, it can be a fear of doing wrong to yourself that leads people having anxiety and fears of judgment from others.

You see, when someone has anxiety, they often keep their emotions inside. And if they start to lose those emotions, then they go down a route of losing their self-esteem.

If that goes down, they often try avoiding the situation altogether, but it only makes things worse. So they avoid anything that might make them feel better about themselves.

I just wanted some healthy conversation and healthy talking nothing more than that. My brain couldn’t take out the bad thoughts as they came, and I kept putting them back after they made themselves known.

Being someone who has anxiety doesn’t help, but maybe I did need to talk to someone more because I was scared at the end of the day, nothing is worth feeling sad about; having someone to talk to or even having someone’s attention is worth it.

So I went on trying to be as comfortable as possible with just saying hello when I met someone new. Not too much and never too little (there are no limits).

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  • What’s Your Love Story – Tell Me

It’s probably not everyone’s story. There are so many stories about people falling head over heels in love. I once heard someone say that “love is blind.”

I would never understand the point. Everyone wants a romantic romance, right? Well, no. Romantic love is often mistaken for true love. There could be other parts of love.

Maybe it’s your partner having a special trait. Maybe it’s something different. Sometimes, I just believe people fall for you and fall for each other. Just a quick glance at pictures would tell you this.

Other times, these two just want to be together like any other couple. One night she asked me for a date. She said, “We should meet at the mall, let’s grab a drink, and then get an ice cream afterward at Starbucks,.” Yes I thought of the first date I had when we got together at Starbucks.

That was a nice feeling to receive, especially since I spent half the afternoon with her. Her energy, enthusiasm, and happy demeanor were contagious.

After a while, we broke up, and we didn’t hang out to talk anymore. But every time we’re with someone new, it reminds me of how far we’ve gone.

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Sometimes, I wonder what happened that day, but I also get excited about meeting new people. I get curious to see what it feels like.

Maybe some people just don’t really want to be alone, but they aren’t sure about going to the same place the next time they’re with someone new.

It gives me a bit of hope again. Maybe that means that someone isn’t trying to push away the past anymore, just thought someone might like them.

That means the pain just won’t stop. It’s just another reminder to have fun and enjoy each other. Don’t try to hold onto the baggage of your mind. Don’t worry about who else thinks there’s something wrong with you.

Remember to just think of it as another step in the process of getting to the goal. Keep your mind open and ready to find yourself a friend. Make your heart beat faster so that you can dance like nobody’s watching.

It doesn’t matter where we’re from and who we’re with. All it matters is how we feel. We must stay true to ourselves.

Because all of what we need as human beings aren’t out there. It’s inside. We don’t have to wait for someone to put us on a pedestal until we reach our goals. It’s inside all of us to be true to ourselves.

Never give up because you need to grow a little bit every day, and that’s okay. We only live a few days.

Once we realize that, you just start to realize what you truly are all about. True to yourself is what’s important and it’s so much easier when someone you love loves you back. No strings attached!




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