When Does Sex Slow Down In A Relationship? 3 Ways To Know

When Does Sex Slow Down In A Relationship? You probably must have come across this question or asked some before.

We have all heard the saying, “When two people are truly connected like a couple, it’s just too easy to fall asleep at night, but when you’re not in one and love the other… it can be difficult to make them slow; down.”

This happens with couples who aren’t truly committed to each other and want more than what’s best for their loved ones. I know that this is true for me as well! After moving in together about six months ago, we had been going on dates.

It was nice because he didn’t mind my previous relationship (though we had dated before) and seemed sweet. It started great until one day, he came over late at night because he couldn’t sleep, and I noticed something wasn’t right between us.

He had difficulty falling asleep, so after making an effort over several days and nights, our romantic relationship was finally starting to get serious. That morning, I fell asleep while speaking to him.


The next day, a guy named Travis told me that his ex-girlfriend cheated on him.

After hearing that, we went full steam into a whirlwind romance with his girlfriend — and he told me to take a break from her. What shocked me was how much sex he would go through! He never let his emotions affect our feelings.

He would always tell me his story and explain how she did things he wanted, like going out with Travis and getting drunk when we were out to dinner one night or having sex with him.

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One thing that kept us both are going for each other was that our relationship seemed perfect at the start of time. Every second that went by, he was taking care of me.

There was nothing else for us apart from our sexual needs, which wasn’t too bad because it wasn’t very often we’d see each other face-to-face. Now, that is no longer the case.

His girlfriend has moved on, and he tells me to keep looking out for him and to trust him. There is a new way of thinking about him, and I do not need to worry about anything.

Our sexual needs are met based on our wants and wants alone. I will do everything I can to give him as happy of a relationship as possible.

We will start sleeping, laughing, and sharing our ideas if they don’t hurt each other, but I think that’s enough. With all of these thoughts in mind, I felt that he was slowing down for once this week.

We finally spent the night as a couple and talked briefly before settling into bed, the first time I slept with someone. This week, we hadn’t even kissed. He had fallen asleep last night, and I stayed awake all night talking to him as if it was the old times.

He told me that our bedroom is just big enough for us two, so one person can sleep in the bed and the other can lie in the guest room. While he sleeps, I sit in bed and do my work, talking about my past and what I want.

On some nights, I feel my heart racing; all I want to do is talk to him or get on top of him. On others, it has never crossed my mind that we should stop doing things that would drive us crazy.

I’m excited to continue doing what we love doing and not care about anything else. As we wind down together, I wonder what could happen tomorrow and why we should take any risks.

We haven’t done anything except fall in love and get married. I wish I could say I was sure. Maybe tomorrow could be the night I finally find out why we act like we can’t take things to slow down.

If we’re honest with ourselves and let it slip away so easily, it might help others. Is this what it takes to be in a real relationship? To slow down for once?


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