Are My Parents Stalking Me And Expecting Me Not To Complain?

Are my parents stalking me? Have you ever sat down and ask yourself this question?  If you are thinking what I am thinking then you will definitely read along.

I was going to talk about this before you write it down, but many people don’t understand what my story is about. Before anyone ever reads this story, please stop reading now. It is unnecessary for the reader because they may know what I am writing about.

There are things that the person who has lived their life through and will be able to put themselves in your shoes and see why I have difficulty saying yes.

You’ll also probably want to know more about us as parents. So my children and I spent Christmas with our moms and dads. We left on December 31st, and they drove to New York City to visit some family.

They weren’t there for holidays, only for Christmas. My mom told me before we went to New York, she would call or say something if she heard anything bad happen at school.

She had a way of doing that and I could feel her anxiety when she told us she would call me before bed. We got there early enough so that we didn’t get all missed dinner. We were late because my mother did most of the cooking for us at that moment.

As soon as we arrived home by that time, we were like we had missed breakfast. That wasn’t until a few hours later, so we went to get something to eat. We have been on vacation since Christmas and hadn’t eaten breakfast until then.

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We ate cereal while watching movies and eating snacks. After we ate dinner, my mother made us all sleep in her bedroom until 2 am, and then we would all go to school and watch films.

When my mom said she would be here before us, we went outside to walk around and play games or whatever else we wanted to do. Just a little bit of walking around and making sure everyone is safe, nothing traumatic.

My dad said, “Come on guys. Give me your presents” (my birthday present to him was an action figure), and I said, “I’m going to keep getting mine” (because he doesn’t like action figures because of how small). He looks me right in the eye and says, “What do you want for your gift?”

He then goes into his room to check out what he got from me and says it is “great” but that my mom had a picture of me as a baby. Once he returns, my mom looks at me and just tells me to hand it over and she will give the item to someone else to take care of him.

Then she calls and tells me she is at work, so I wait for her to return. On Christmas morning, she comes straight over. She asked me to sit on her lap and gave me my present, saying everything was very special to me.

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Then my brother comes over and they both start laughing. It was a good thing because we weren’t going to get a lot of presents. Once they get older and realise they can go outside without worrying about anything, they will go outside all by themselves.

The whole day went great. For once, I didn’t have any feelings toward my parents. Their love and care for each other just felt right. Not long ago, I was going to make them proud by standing up and asking them to show they were birth parents.

Maybe I should have been, but they gave me nothing else to worry about.
Another thing they didn’t do was give me any money and there was no explanation. They didn’t have to at least give me a little bit in return.

They just looked at the clock and watched me. When someone asked what movie did I choose last week, they didn’t know how many times I had seen it before this one.

At first, I thought they were being nice because they took good care of me, but as I got older and realized this isn’t how they work when it comes to kids, I’ve grown up into a girl that doesn’t always believe in magic and science.

Even though they may seem perfectly normal, like they are doing what they are supposed to do. I don’t let the adults dictate how I want to like them or how I meet my needs. All I will say to my parents is thank you.

No matter what kind of food you cook. Yes, we had a hard time, and they knew it, but they still found joy in us, made us laugh, and made me feel at ease.

If anything, they were happy. I didn’t get anything except to enjoy spending time with them and my friends. I haven’t talked to them much over the past few days, and they haven’t spoken to me much since. I could have done better by telling them.

Sincerely but kindly. Because that’s how we live; we are doing whatever we can to make each other happy. We don’t discuss problems and try to come to terms and be more honest in our relationship.

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