4 Important Ways You Can Tell Your Parents You Have A Boyfriend

tell your parent you have a boyfriend

There are certain ways you can tell your parents you have a boyfriend, and it takes time to get them to understand it is you.

It could be one of those rare times when they realize that their daughter or son isn’t the only person in the family who gets a little bit jealous about the attention their other sisters and brothers give.

Still, they do like their boyfriends for a reason — because he loves them and has friends, they can make memories with and helps with any chores, chores that he would never want to take care of alone.

That’s why this post is for you! I’ve learned from my three girlfriends who have recently started dating boys. Maybe one of these tips will help you too.

Tell Them One Word About My Ex-Boyfriend and Me

This is a big tip if your parents know someone in your life— so don’t tell yours unless you know they already love you.

Unless you already know it yourself, start saying something nice about one word you think they’ll like, but not a whole sentence, just something simple, “I’m good at what I do,” or “I’m loving every second of it.”

Tell them you’re looking forward to seeing where they will take us next as soon as they see the positive words coming out of your mouth of a boy you know and like.

It usually doesn’t take long before you get the response you’d want them to get — especially if it’s a girl’s advice from her mom or dad.


When the conversation turns to what types of people you want to spend the night with or how many of them— a lot of guys and boys, not all girls and girls, like guys, the more time you spend together, the more you’ll find out there’s such a thing as your perfect man.

This also can apply to what kind of men you want to date or spend nights with. For example, let’s say you were going on dates and ended up sharing a bed with somebody you both didn’t like, right?

Maybe you thought of him as the last guy you went out with. If you met him, you might think, “I wonder, should I go home?” And then you had the pleasure of spending time with his father again, that wonderful father always there for his children. Or you’re lucky enough to meet your dad’s girlfriend, who’s in high school and a great sportswoman; she goes out with all the cool guys.

Maybe after all this has happened, you want to finally start asking questions and figuring things out— just like your dad! Perhaps what he said made sense to you, and you don’t want to ruin what he said and wanted to keep everything confidential and maybe he was a pretty sweet kid who you fell for and he’s a keeper.

Perhaps if you don’t already, you like your parents’ kids. That might turn into a relationship that is just a few doors down the street from where you live, so you might talk to him here and there until you’ve even made an appointment at the same place.

At least then you can plan it all out. No matter the type of relationship, you can tell them how much you were looking forward to sharing it with them and what would be the best thing to do.

Just make sure to give a little bit more information than you want them to know since they must understand you want to hang out with this person for the rest of your lives.

Have Something He Would Hate to Hear

One way you tell your parents you have a boyfriend is to ask them questions about what he hates hearing. Do you talk a lot about sex or anything else— anything other than your music?

What does he hate most about a girl? Or better yet, what do you want people to be able to hear? Don’t worry too much about what other people think of you, be yourself.

They can tell you what they want to listen to a little bit. Make sure you talk about your hobbies, interests, and favourite people in the world, but your main focus should be talking about your boyfriend or girlfriend.

If you’re lucky, he’s very quiet and likes the sound of silence; if not, he may have some thoughts on you. So, ask yourself this— what are some things he would hate to hear?

Of course, the obvious answer is nothing because if he hears you saying no to any sexual activity or other interest— he will hate you.

But if you’re new to talking to your parents about dating, it’s easy to worry about telling them you’re having a roommate so they can imagine themselves in the bedroom.

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Still, if you start telling them about your dreams and goals, they’ll probably begin to fantasize about sleeping with you.

Remember that sometimes the person who’s really into you will want to hear what you have to say about them, while the person who loves you won’t.

Try to Change the Subject

One of the biggest parts of changing a topic to try to change subject is thinking it over. If you start by telling your mother that you want to wear dresses and heels instead of skirts and sports bras, your mom will probably start wondering why you want to change everything from her old ideas of what you look like.

She’ll need a reminder, a fact, to give you the green light to wear whatever colour dress you want to wear. Please keep the conversation going until they feel comfortable being different from you.

Another problem— no matter how weird it sounds, telling your parents that you want to be with another person can lead to unwanted issues from parents. So, instead of telling your parents, you want to date a woman like their grandma, try telling them you would prefer to date a boy like your grandfather.

Show them how much you like playing soccer with your friends and the girls at volleyball. Show them how much you enjoy staying at home with the windows open, watching the sky full of stars, and just relaxing.

You want to show them that you don’t want to take care of the house or the chores yourself, so they’ll realize you want to be with this guy.

By doing this, hopefully, you’ll send them a message about how serious dating is and how hard it is to balance your obligations at work and school with dating.

You want to ensure you’re giving them a lot more than just two ears, but two ears and two eyes.

Don’t Forget To Tell Their Friends.

I’ve learned that the hardest way is not to go too far into your life. Having friends is wonderful, but the friendships you can make with them are amazing! People are easy to connect with when you enjoy it.

Even if you don’t know each other well, you have fun hanging out with the same group of people every week; it’s easy to talk over and under each other, laugh together and cry together, etc.

Also, it takes very little thought to make friends with your crush, so when you start feeling for your crush, it’s safe to tell them, “hey, this looks like fun; I want to spend the weekend with you, if you want to come over here, we could have dinner with me.”

Talk about the most boring summer camp days when you weren’t dating anyone you thought was the type of person you liked.

I know it’s hard, but you need to treat dating well because you’re going to get bored with the relationship, so remember that and make an effort to make people like you, too.

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