Should You Tell Your Parents About Your Salary? 1 Big Reason I Don’t

Should You Tell Your Parents About Your Salary? 1 Big Reason I Didn’t want to tell them was because I knew that it wouldn’t favour me in the long run.

My parents both work in tech, and I have to say they’re pretty paid. They each make around $60k a year, based on their current salaries.

No matter how much you like your full-time salary, it’s not enough for my parents to sustain themselves. This means that at the end of every month, they have to cover rent for other people and put away money into savings.


It’s tough. But it is worth it in order to provide for our children. This has been the best decision I’ve made over my career so far. My parents will always be able to support me if they need help. Having them as a role model would also allow them to see the things I can do.

Not only that but telling them helps me maintain financial stability. Most importantly for me, they can take pride in what I do. A lot of people aren’t aware of this. When my parents told me about their incomes, I was shocked by how much I didn’t understand.

At times I think that’s because we don’t talk about finances very often. We never discuss careers or anything else outside of business.


So when my parents gave me an example that I wanted to know how much I should get paid, I was confused. “Well, my parents make $60k,” I said. “So I’m going to tell them that I should get $80k.”

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It’s funny because they are such great parents. Not only do they want to spend time with you and your child, but even when they have money problems, they still ask about your personal needs.

So when you explain your income, they really want to share the news with you. And I can respect that. They have already had kids, and they know how it works. And because of that, they won’t question you, right?

That kind of love motivates me to keep pushing on no matter how big their doubts become. Maybe having this kind of information could help lessen some of those doubts or fear, especially at the beginning of starting out.

It makes me feel good knowing that I can support you if needed. The other thing is that when you tell them that you’re earning a dollar less, you might have to start saving up for their child’s education or that you have to pay off more.

Either way, this is just a little extra money that will make sure you don’t run out of money. As for me, that money helps us pay bills, cover the essentials and more.

Plus, sometimes when we’re sad, we need money, and sometimes we need extra cash too. In any case, at least we know we have food on the table.

All the same, there are some things that I’ll never compromise on. For one, my parents need to stay in their jobs. Even if they’re starting from the bottom, they still need to earn an income.

Now, I’ve got a job myself. If I have to quit, then I know my parents are okay with that. If my employers decide to fire me, then yes, they will. I’m not giving up any money that my parents make.

All I can do is let them know when they can come by. I can promise that not having any money allows me the freedom to pursue something I choose and get a degree. Also, I can assure them that no matter who they are, they will always be their own boss.

So I think that I should come by telling my parents when I can get the chance to work at home, or where I can find a position because that’s not a bad idea.

Being self-employed means putting time and effort into making things better at all costs, but it allows you to earn a living while doing fun things too. So maybe not telling your parents your status will give you a sense of security. Just for now, at least.

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