What Is Considered Harassment by a Co-Parent? 1 Hard Way To Know

What Is Considered Harassment by a Co-Parent? The reason so many of us have seen our mothers and sisters go through this question is that we’re only starting to learn about how some people treat others differently based on physical characteristics.

When we think of these different types of harassment, we tend to see the more obvious type of bullying, but when someone else shows signs of being the opposite of what we think they are, it can be very confusing.

For example, if your mother talks to you in front of your classmates and your friends when they’re at school. You might be considering this as “hazing”, but you really don’t know what is going on right in front of you.

If this happens to you in front of other children, there’s no way they aren’t thinking of themselves. We tend to have a general idea of what behaviour qualifies as bullying, but if someone brings up something completely outside of any of our knowledge, it could cause you to double take.


What would happen if your family suddenly got married, but then the couple got divorced? Would your mother keep her new husband around? Even though your new husband seemed nice, how would he treat his newlywed daughter? Perhaps your dad has a tendency to give out compliments. Maybe he might say things like,

“I love your hair. What do you do with it? How long did it grow for? Have you gotten any weight on it? Do you have enough room for it?” (yes, we have all been told this kind of stuff)

Or maybe if someone is wearing makeup, he/she looks like they are trying hard and having sex is getting through his/her makeup.

Does your mother get jealous every time I wear makeup? Or even worse, how would her new husband deal with the fact that you wear makeup?

This simple question allows us people to step out of our comfort zone and realize what is considered harassment. It also allows us to understand how someone views us. Asking questions of a person could lead to them asking back.

So this isn’t always a good thing, but when it does happen to you, it is considered a form of harassment. You need to learn how to be careful about who you want to talk to, and when you talk to someone, make sure you’re speaking to the correct person.

There’s nothing wrong with saying hello to someone in passing, and it doesn’t mean anything more than that. Not everyone is worth your time, especially one that is younger than you are. Being polite to your loved ones is important too.

Your parents should never tell you to mind your own business, especially within the same household, in case you find someone bothering you. When someone says, “stop talking to your mom”, you need to walk away from the situation immediately, or they will continue doing it.

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Stop thinking about them, and try to focus on yourself. Once you’re done making someone happy, it’s time to turn around and face reality. So if anyone is looking to start a relationship with you, just be careful when talking to your mother. You might end up doing better by not dating anyone. Don’t let anyone bully you!

If you think that bullying happens to everyone regardless of gender or age, why do you think that it happens? Why is it okay to use sexual language and jokes around kids? Why is it okay to laugh or tease someone that isn’t as pretty as you were in high school?

In all seriousness, let them learn about respect. Kids should never act like they’re superior to anyone because they aren’t.

They aren’t. Treating others the way you are treated is rude and disrespectful. You shouldn’t be telling somebody to “behave” just because you’re female. Respect is much harder to gain as an adult.

At least when it applies to the younger generation of people. Adults need to remember how to treat each other with respect, even if they’re younger. Let us adults learn from our mistakes, not the actions we’ve shown towards one another. Our generations are growing up as one big family. Let’s get to know each other and live respectably.

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