Why Are My Parents So Unfair? How I Responded In 1 Simple Way

Why Are My Parents So Unfair

Why Are My Parents So Unfair to me? At First I thought It was a joke but had to face reality as time went by.

I was raised selfish, but it’s not a good choice for my personality, and neither is raising kids. You hear that all the time now, no matter your age. As long as anyone can get their way, I shouldn’t have to care about anything else, or that’s for sure. But that’s the truth.

When I was a child, I was just an ordinary kid who wanted to play with his friends, go to school, and hang out with them for fun.

Then some years later, when I got older and started working in different occupations, I became aware of how I had overstepped and behaved badly to others because I was focused on self-promotion instead of being true to myself, a lot like a lot of other people.



It wasn’t until college that I realized how much I did care about how things were from those moments and that I couldn’t take a step back without realizing how much I needed those people to be happy.

This made me understand that having friends, no matter how random, could make a difference in your life. And that isn’t something someone should think twice about. But it sounds silly now.

There are plenty of amazing people in the world. If you don’t want to spend time with a bunch of strangers and know exactly who they are, then it may be the best thing you can do for yourself.

As I got closer to adulthood, I gradually stopped thinking of myself as lonely because there are so many amazing people in the world, not to mention me and my parents and even though we have all kinds of different attitudes towards that friendship, the fact that they have such a special friendship makes us feel more connected.

We have never been able to fully understand each other, which makes us scared to talk or do anything for fear of making mistakes, but that doesn’t mean we have to forget our past and feelings. No man dies alone.

Let’s learn from our experiences, which will help shape our future. They’ve taught me a lot in this new era, and I hope they’ll teach my children to do the same. I certainly believe they’ll learn that their parents are also wrong.

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People are hard to please, and their parents also are. I once asked my father why he didn’t agree to marry me after everything, just because I was pretty, and he said, “she is very beautiful.” He is right today, and probably in 10 years, they won’t be able to deny it again.

Even though he’s still pretty proud of her “beautiful” and his “lovable,” he doesn’t love her any more than she loves him. I guess it’s an innocent mistake, but it’s true nonetheless.

The situation will change as we grow up, but it has to change too. If you’re lucky, it will change during your childhood and stay like that throughout your life, or maybe only partially. Either way, most likely by growing up you’ll start to regret some parts of your upbringing.

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And yet it seems like our parents have given so much importance to the relationship between parents, whereas kids are free to do what they want and choose their friends.

There wasn’t any pressure when we were little kids, and we had time to be ourselves. Kids are pressured into doing whatever they like with their friends. When they turn 13, they’re told what kind of friendships they will have.

It reminds you of when you’re left with nothing except these two people who may be your friends. At least if you’re a boy, you have your brother, but for girls, not every girl you start dating becomes your friend. In addition, some teachers tell you, “you should start talking to your sister.”

In these situations, it’s all about your opinion; it doesn’t matter who the real people are. Also, sometimes parents aren’t honest with themselves, which might lead to conflicts between adults and the child.

When parents lie to each other about what they feel they have done to show the child that you’re not always perfect, that’s when the child will either become dissatisfied with your parent or, if it happens with yourself, will eventually come to dislike you too but this isn’t the case with kids.

Kids are honest, and they just haven’t had enough practice. Don’t worry because you will never be perfect, but a healthy conscience will prevent you from lying to yourself because it’s not the correct behaviour in life anymore.

To avoid feeling bad, tell yourself, “when I say I believe… I always have a good reason for it and it’s right, I am confident in it.”

I hope that eventually, all of them will have behave like decent human beings. Just because people are selfish doesn’t mean they can’t help out.

However, they think it will take a while to realize the value of a simple conversation, especially if you’re not getting along with a classmate.

But ultimately, it will be worth it because they were raised to do the right thing and eventually recognize how important a person is.

Maybe one day, we will all be able to stop worrying about self-promotion and start looking into the genuine hearts of the people around us.

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