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5 Notable Signs That Your Marriage May End In Divorce

Your Marriage May End In Divorce if you don’t pay attention to these five signs. When you tie the knot, the last thing on your mind is your fairytale ending in divorce. Yet 1 in 3 marriages break down. Where do you notice that your marriage is in the danger zone?

Divorce lawyers experience up close on a daily basis why a marriage no longer works. The Huffington Post spoke to some of them and listed what could indicate that your marriage is not going to make it.

1. And then it was quiet…

“It’s a bad sign when a couple argues and it ends in silence. Of course arguing in a relationship is healthy, but if it changes from now and then to regularly and it is no longer talked about, your marriage will unfortunately not last long.” — Jaso Levy, attorney and divorce coach in New York City.


2. No sex

“Maybe this is obvious and it is. There are people who can do without sex, but in general: we are living beings and sex is a natural desire. There are relationships where sex is the big absentee, but as a divorce lawyer I don’t get surprised when a client says he/she hasn’t had sex with his/her partner in years.” —Randall M. Kessler, Atlanta attorney.

3. Having little in common

“It’s true that opposites attract, but don’t automatically assume that the qualities you fell for are a guarantee of a successful marriage. For example, if one is an extrovert who loves going out until the wee hours and the other is enjoying a warm bath at 7pm, followed by a glass of milk and a good book, then this find it very difficult to combine their lifestyles.” – Lisa Helfend Meyer, divorce attorney in Los Angeles.

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4. Contempt

Rolling your eyes, belittling or despising each other are the signs that a relationship is going to fail. You don’t have to agree with everything, but then it is important that you value each other and respect each other’s differences of opinion. That’s better than labeling each other’s differences as stupid and wrong.” – Karen Covy, Chicago attorney and divorce coach.

5. Never argue

“Many spouses often avoid difficult situations and problems by disguising the truth or ignoring what you are upset about. This can lead to aversion. Your partner is your best friend, confidant and lover. In fact, you should be able to discuss everything with him/her. You should be able to criticize each other without jeopardizing your marriage.” —Douglas S. Kepanis, New York City divorce attorney



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