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I urgently need a few dating tips from you – My Man is Younger


I urgently need a few dating tips from you …

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So half a year ago I separated from my husband after 17 years of marriage (are still married, but the thing is through for me) and recently started getting to know new men again. I have registered with an online exchange.
Now I actually got to know anyone … went super quickly and he is really great! I think I really fell in love with him a little
We write a lot and have already called on the phone. Now there is slowly a date on our introductory plan, only I feel pretty insecure. I was married for a very long time and my last date was over 20 years ago!
In addition, he is also a very little younger like me. I don’t really care about anything negative at all. It depends on me that you get along and lie on a wavelength. Besides, I’m not exactly the typical 43-year-old anyway, but pretty crazy
Nevertheless, of course I would like to please him.

Are there a few more dating people who can give me a few tips?
How should I best dress and style myself for our meeting? What is well received?
What are you doing so first? I thought of what to eat or what to drink on the weekend



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