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What Most Individuals Encounter After a Divorce is Finalized?

What’s the best way to get a divorce

What Most Individuals Encounter After a Divorce is Finalized? The divorce is finalized and all papers are signed. What is going to happen now? Are there any other things I should keep in mind? In this blog we tell you what to expect when the divorce is over.

A Difficult Time

We’ll start with an important point that we’ll put straight on the table: when the divorce is over, a time will come that will not be easy. You are about to start a new life without your ex-partner. This may initially feel like a fresh start and it will take energy to find your way in your ‘new’ life.


Agreements and the Divorce Agreement

After the divorce process has been completed, certain agreements or matters will still need to be arranged. These agreements are laid down in the divorce agreement and both parties must comply with them. You may also have to look for another home, work more or make arrangements for your children. The time after the divorce can still have a significant impact. Make sure that you are well prepared, so that Meesters in Mediation can help through divorce mediation.

A New Place for Yourself

When you are divorced, you have to look for a new place to live. It is also possible that agreements have been made in the divorce agreement about the (temporary) living situation. These agreements often run until two years after the divorce and a good solution for finding a new home is also considered. The financial picture also often plays a role here, an important point to take into account.

In addition to the appointments, you suddenly have to get used to a new home. Or you continue to live in the house where you lived with your ex-partner, a house full of memories. Either way, your new life will have an impact during the post-divorce period.

Emotions that follow after the divorce

From the point you and your partner have decided to get a divorce , a process begins that involves many legal matters to be settled. During mediation it is important to take the time and space to discuss everything properly. Of course, emotions will also play an important role here. But, don’t forget that once the divorce has been completed, saying goodbye to, for example, the house can also be experienced as heavy. That moment can feel like the end of your relationship. The emotions during the period of divorce are not gone once the divorce is officially completed.

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Your children and their emotions

Don’t you have children? Then there is a good chance that the contact after the divorce is minimal. This gives both parties time to rest and it is possible to give emotions a place. This is different from when there are children involved in your divorce . The children form a connection between the two of you, as it were. It is possible that you will meet each other and have made certain agreements about this.

Provide clarity with a parenting plan

If you are officially divorced, you will always remain the parents of your child(ren). It is all the more important to make clear agreements about the children during divorce mediation and to continue to work on this together. Masters in Mediation can help you create a parenting plan . With this plan we provide a stable basis and we put in black and white how you will continue to raise the children together.

A social circle that is shrinking

In addition to saying goodbye to your partner, you will also experience that you will have to say goodbye to your partner’s social circle. You may encounter family, friends or other acquaintances less often. It is good to realize that certain connections and relationships can be diluted and therefore disappear into the background.

A Different Financial and Tax Situation

What will also change is your financial situation. The divorce mediator has laid down the financial and tax agreements in the divorce agreement. This document clearly states what is expected of both parties when it comes to finances.

Alimony Law

Child or partner maintenance may have to be paid after the divorce. Alimony means that you receive a financial supplement that helps with your livelihood. This also applies to child maintenance , which means that the partner can continue to pay for the care and upbringing of the children. Do you need help with alimony? Then Meesters in Mediation can help further.

Need help arranging a Divorce?

We hope that after reading this blog you have a better idea of ​​what to expect after a divorce. No situation and divorce are the same, but with help through divorce mediation you can properly arrange a divorce. This way you can look ahead during the period after the divorce and the agreements and responsibilities are clearly mapped out.



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