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What’s the best way to get a divorce? 5 Steps to Dissolve a Marriage

What’s the best way to get a divorce

What’s the best way to get a divorce? Is this even a good question to ask?

Divorce creates frustration, anger, sadness, and many more different emotions. A difficult period that you would rather skip. But you’re breaking up, and there are probably a lot of questions about how best to go about this. Is there a step-by-step plan, and how do you get help? It is a crucial period in which you make choices that determine the future. That is why it is wise to call in support through a mediator so you can divorce in the best way via a clear, step-by-step plan. In this blog, we tell you more about that step-by-step plan.

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Is there a perfect way to divorce?

Breaking up and deciding to go your separate ways can have a lot of impacts. What exactly can you expect when you get a divorce, and what if the divorce is over? And is there a perfect way to break up at all?

Whether there is a perfect way to divorce is perhaps a little too black and white. Of course, there are certain situations that you would rather avoid, such as a contentious divorce. In addition, a divorce will never go perfectly. This is because you have to make essential choices for the future together. In addition, you also have to make compromises.


Good divorce: enlist the help

So how can you break up in a good way? Through divorce mediation, you discuss the most critical matters surrounding the divorce, and you do this under the guidance of a divorce mediator. The focus is on making clear agreements using a step-by-step plan. So it’s not about separating in the best way, but that you do this together.

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A step-by-step plan for separating Couples

To guide you as best as possible during the divorce period, you will need to follow up through a step-by-step plan. We walk through different phases and hope this gives you something to hold on to. The steps make it clear what exactly needs to be arranged to complete the divorce finally. No vital point is forgotten, and there is time to discuss and record everything in a good way. We briefly explain the steps below:

1. Introductory meeting.

Before we start the mediation meetings, we first schedule an introductory meeting. During this meeting, we discuss general information, look at the entire process, and explain what mediation entails. We also put together the essential information about your situation.

2. The Mediation Talks.

After the introduction, we start with the mediation discussions. We discuss topics such as children, finances, distribution of household effects, the home, pension, and other vital matters.

3. Drafting Documents

Have all matters been discussed, and is it clear what the agreements are? Then we start drawing up the required documents for a divorce. This includes a parenting plan, covenant, and alimony calculation.

4. Start of legal proceedings

The next step is the legal procedure. We will have to prepare the application and submit it to the court. Ultimately, the judge will rule on the divorce. We call this the decision, also known as the judge’s written decision.

5. Signing the deed of resignation

After the judge’s decision has been discussed with you, it is time to sign the deed of resignation. This is a statement signed by both of you indicating that you agree with the ruling. You also declare that you will no longer appeal when you sign the deed of resignation.

6. Registering a divorce in the Municipal Personal Records Database

Has the deed of resignation been signed? Then the divorce will be registered with the GBA, the Municipal Personal Records Database. When the divorce is written in this register, you are officially divorced.

7. Completion of the Divorce Mediation

As a final step, we conclude several things. We do this by offering help with applying for benefits and settling the agreements about the pension.

Divorce the right way: ask for help
We want to leave it up to you whether you can divorce perfectly. We hope you have gained more clarity about the best way to tackle this after reading this blog. Divorce can be done in a good way.



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